Automatic Grading in Google Docs with Flubaroo

20 Jun

Using Google Docs Forms, it’s easy to create online quizzes. And with Flubaroo, it’s just as easy to grade the quizzes you create. Flubaroo is a script for Google Docs that can be found in the public script gallery. It will automatically grade your students’ quizzes and provide summary data about the percentage of students who successfully answered each question. You can even have Flubaroo send out an email to your students that contains their scores and the answer key.

Here’s how:

1. Create a quiz using Google Docs Forms. Thanks to UM’s Google integration, you can collect students’ uniqnames automatically.

2. Once you’ve collected the responses, click Tools and select Script Gallery.

3. Search for Flubaroo and press Install.

4. You will be prompted to authorize the script for the Google Docs.

5. Once the script has been authorized, a Flubaroo button will appear on your toolbar.

6. Press Flubaroo and then Grade. Choose the number of points to assign to each question and the key (You’ll need to take the quiz to provide a key).

Report generated by Flubaroo

Report generated by Flubaroo


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