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Instructional Awesomizing [in-struck-shun-ul aw-suhm-mahyz-ing], noun:
1. The process of bringing students and faculty together to elevate the classroom learning experience through the use of new and innovative tools
2. A blog managed by ISS Instructional Consulting devoted to elevating the classroom learning experience through the use of new and innovative tools
Examples of Instructional Awesomizing: ISS helped me awesomize my course through the use of i>clicker and class blogs!


If you’ve ever encountered an instructional challenge in your teaching or wondered if technology might help you to enhance your students’ learning, ISS Instructional Technology Consulting can help you. Enhancing student learning through the use of instructional technology is central to the ISS Instructional Technology team. Our consultants are eager to explore, plan, and work with faculty to fulfill learning objectives on instructional technology projects.

ISS Instructional Technology Consulting will also help you with other academic technology options in LSA, including CTools, Sitemaker, PowerPoint, i>clicker, Web 2.0 tools, support grants or related issues including integrating technology into the curriculum in an appropriate and effective way.

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